Aptly named "iPhone 6 Tracker", an enterprising fan iPhone has created a website that allows users to set a specific iPhone model on a special support to be notified when this model becomes available.For example, a user may specify a 128GB iPhone 6 Gold Plus and enter AT & T as a carrier, and Tracker iPhone 6 will then notify the user of e-mail or SMS (using a disposable e-mail address is recommended, just to be sure) as soon as this model comes back in stock in one of three Apple stores closest to your zip code.

When a complaint is received, a quick look at the Apple website the trip possible for the user to buy the phone used to gather personal and then head to an Apple store without worrying about having to stand in line.According to the creators of the iPhone 6 Tracker website, the site does all this through constant scratching Apple's online store in search of available inventory for the collection of personal data.

When a list of model bills unavailable to available in one of the three closest stores a user, the site sends a message.iPhone 6 Tracker is completely free, but the creator of the mobile sms spy site asks users to consider donating some Bitcoin if it ends up helping to buy a new iPhone.

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